Kelly Harvey Living values and appreciates our customers. Our promise is to continue to merit the trust and confidence you place in us and our products. Our policies are written in place to educate buyers on our guidelines to allow for a smooth and seamless transaction every time.


All finishes, parts, and components of any Kelly Harvey Living (hereafter referred to as KHL) furniture we manufacture, are warranted by KHL for a period of not more than 12 months from the date of original purchase, to be free from defective material and manufacturing defects only under normal use, as set out herein, and subject to the provisions, limitations and exclusions contained in this Warranty.

Under this Warranty, KHL’s liability is limited to replace the defective part or component, repair the defective product, or replace the defective product. KHL's first option is to supply replacement parts to remedy the defect and if this is not possible, then the defective product may be replaced or repaired at our discretion. KHL will be responsible for costs to return transport the defective product in whole or in part, whichever it deems necessary to our manufacturing facility for repair or to examine reported defects. If damage is not due to any defect in our materials or manufacturing process purchaser will be required to reimburse us for the cost of return transport to KHL.  

This Warranty provides coverage to the original purchaser only and is not transferrable under any circumstances. This Warranty covers defects only when used in normal residential conditions, and it does not apply to furniture used in rental, business, commercial, institutional, or any other non-residential uses.

This Warranty does not apply to any condition or damage which is not a defect, including without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any condition or damage resulting from neglect, misuse or abuse, accident, unreasonable or unintended strain or use, or any condition resulting from incorrect or inadequate maintenance, cleaning or care, or any damage to or failure of the finish resulting from alcohol, water or cleaning substance or liquid damage, exposure to sunlight, fire, flames, burning, household humidity, or incorrect application of chemical treatment or any protective coating applied by the retailer or the consumer. A claim under this Warranty must be made to KHL within 10 days of original purchaser identifying any  defective issues and also within the Warranty period. If defects are found at time of receipt and delivery, it is the consumer’s responsibility to contact us immediately, and notify us of the defects.

This warranty is exclusive to KHL furniture manufactured by Kelly Harvey Living and contains all express and implied warranty rights of the purchaser. Any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, which exceed the obligations or time limits stated in this warranty, are hereby disclaimed by Kelly Harvey Living and excluded from this warranty.

In no event shall Kelly Harvey Living be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to, loss related to property other than the products, personal injury, loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience, or other economic loss.


Written report of any damages caused by shipping or defects of products must be submitted in writing to KHL by email at info@khl.ca within 24 hours of the item being received. KHL also requires photographs of the reported defective  merchandise to evaluate the damages. If within the warranty parameters one of 4 remedies will be issued as outlined below. If the damage is not covered under the warranty, then a quotation will be provided to the customer for the parts, repair, or replacement and related shipping costs of the merchandise.

Upon receipt of the pictures KHL will analyze the request to determine which of the following 4 remedies and will advise purchaser of same:

Parts: Defective parts will be replaced and return ship to purchaser.

Repair: We will repair the defective areas identified and return ship to purchaser. 

Replacement: We will replace and return ship the product in its entirety to the purchaser.

Repair or Replacement Quotation: We will provide a quotation for repair and/or replacement of damaged KHL product and related shipping cost to purchaser, in the event of damage due to purchaser as outlined in this warranty.

Products not manufactured by KHL are subject to and governed by the specific warranty of products manufacturer. 


All materials and colours used to manufacture KHL furniture, may vary slightly from the original samples, due to variances in our fabric suppliers manufacturing process and die lots. KHL cannot be held responsible for slight variances, however, upon KHL being informed of the variance we will inform purchasers, in advance if any variances will be significant before proceeding with construction of KHL manufactured furniture.


All KHL manufactured furniture is carefully inspected prior to packing and shipping from our warehouse. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to inspect the merchandise at the time of arrival and notify KHL, as described in our Warranty, within 10 days if manufacturing defects are identified upon opening, and immediately if damage has resulted during shipping. 


KHL is not responsible for delays of any product ordered due to government issued and/or enforced Covid19 operating restrictions, strikes, shortages in supply, customs inspections, transportation accidents, fire, natural disasters or any other implied incidents where product may be delayed without warning.